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Past Speakers

Aline Holzwarth MBA

Applied Behavioral Scientist

Learning experientially | Applied behavioral science with Aline Holzwarth, MBA

Jill Stoddard, PhD

Director of the Center for Stress and Anxiety Management

Acting boldly despite imposter feelings | with clinical psychologist Dr. Jill Stoddard

Timothy L. Davis, PhD

Director of Battenx Leadership Coaching & Executive Development
Associate Professor of Public Policy

Enhancing student wellbeing, resilience, and leadership | with Dr. Tim Davis

Amy Bucher, PhD

Chief Behavioral Officer at Lirio

Designing for healthy behavior change | Behavioral science with Dr. Amy Bucher

Ami Gandhi, JD

Senior Counsel at the Chicago Lawyer's Committee for Civil Rights

Empowering citizens through legal advocacy | with Ami Gandhi, JD

Laura Kasper, PhD

Licensed Counseling Psychologist

Facilitating human connection | Counseling psychology with Dr. Laura Kasper

Alec Miller, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist & Co-Founder of CBC

Pioneering treatments & saving lives | with clinical psychologist Dr. Alec Miller

Jared Weintraub, PhD

I-O Psychologist; People Analytics & Reporting at Deloitte

Finding flow at work | with I-O psychologist Dr. Jared Weintraub

Nicole Vienna, PsyD

Forensic psychologist in private practice

Applying psychology to the legal system | with forensic psychologist Dr. Nicole Vienna

Melissa Steach, PhD

I-O Psychologist & Workplace Wellbeing Knowledge Lead at Herman Miller

The art of wellbeing | I-O psychology with Dr. Melissa Steach

Claire Ciliotta, Ph.D

Licensed clinical psychologist

Inside the therapy room | with Dr. Claire Ciliotta

Kevin Scully, M.A., ED.S

School Psychologist & Development Director of nonprofit Students Without Limits

Reaching kids where they’re at | Nonprofit success with Kevin Scully

Maxine Nwigwe, Psy.D

Behavioral Scientist, Designer, and Futurist

From clinical psychology to behavioral science | with Dr. Maxine Nwigwe

Anton Berzins, Psy.D

School psychologist and Founder of Ecuador Professional Preparation Program

The universe favors the bold | with school psychologist Dr. Anton Berzins

Andrea Friedman, PhD

Licensed clinical health psychologist

Learning how to help | Clinical health psychology with Dr. Andrea Friedman

Maggie Dancel, PsyD

Clinical Psychologist in private practice

Self-belief and the path to private practice | Dr. Maggie Dancel

Eric Landrum, PhD

Psychology Department Chair at Boise State University

Strategies for student success and challenging the status quo | with Dr. Eric Landrum

Alec Miller & Damian Travier

Access Psychology Foundation

Increasing access to psychology for underrepresented communities

Daisy Ort & Dr. Barry Farber

Clinical Psych Graduate Student & Psych Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University

Becoming a competitive applicant to clinical psychology doctoral programs (Part II: Applying)

Wendy Suzuki, PhD

Professor of Neuroscience & Psychology at NYU

Suffering is not a measure of success | Neuroscience research with Dr. Wendy Suzuki

Rose Perry, PhD

Founder & Executive Director of Social Creatures

How research can drive innovation | Social Neuroscience with Dr. Rose Perry

Alexandra Canetti, MD

Board-Certified Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Culturally competent care | The path to psychiatry with Dr. Alexandra Canetti

Isha Metzger, PhD

Licensed Clinial Psychologist; Director of The EMPOWER Lab

Healing communities from racial trauma | with Dr. Isha Metzger

Chriscelyn Tussey, PsyD

Forensic & clinical neuropsychologist

Creating a niche in clinical practice | Forensic & clinical neuropsych with Dr. Chriscelyn Tussey

Regine Galanti, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist; Founder of Long Island Behavioral Psychology

So you want to be a child psychologist? | Tips for success with Dr. Regine Galanti

Gerald Drose, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in private practice

Rewriting faulty narratives | with therapist Dr. Gerald Drose

David Pizarro, PhD

Social Psychologist & Director of Graduate Studies at Cornell University

To be curious for a living | with social psychologist Dr. David Pizarro

Heidi Gardner, PhD

Distinguished Fellow at Harvard Law and Co-founder of Gardner & Co

A job you think about in the shower | Organizational behavior with Dr. Heidi Gardner

Sara Douglas, Psy.D

Psychologist; Neuropsychological evaluation specialist; School psychologist

Staying mentally stimulated | Neuropsych evaluation with Dr. Sara Douglas

Juliette Lyons-Thomas, PhD

Measurement & evaluation expert at Educational Testing Service

Measuring what we can't see | Measurement and evaluation with Dr. Juliette Lyons-Thomas

Alpana Choudhury, LMHC

Founder of Wove Therapy

You don't need a doctorate to be successful | with Alpana Choudhury, LMHC

Bridget Henry, PhD

Licensed clinical psychologist specializing in OCD and anxiety disorders

Getting comfortable being uncomfortable | with Dr. Bridget Henry

Eric Connors, PhD

Neuropsychology Post-Doctoral Fellow

Finding quality experiences | Neuropsychology with Dr. Eric Connors

Garth Neufeld, LMFT

Professor of Psychology at Cascadia College

Teaching in psychology | with Garth Neufeld

Amy Elliot, PhD

Chief Clinical Research Officer at Avera

Breaking down disciplinary silos | Clinical research with Dr. Amy Elliott

Daisy Ort & Dr. Barry Farber

Clinical Psych Graduate Student & Psych Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University

Becoming a competitive applicant to clinical psychology doctoral programs (Part I: Preparing)

Yael Schonbrun, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Assistant Professor at Brown University

Facing the work-family conflict | Working parenthood with Dr. Yael Schonbrun

Erin O'Connor, EdD

Director of NYU's Early Childhood Education Program

Using psychology to better our classrooms | with Dr. Erin O'Connor

Dan Tomasulo, PhD

Licensed Counseling Psychologist, Professor, and Writer

Struggle precedes mastery | Positive psychotherapy with Dr. Dan Tomasulo

Susan Rogers, PhD

Professor of Music Cognition & Perception at Berklee College of Music

Letting out your inner child | Music & psychology with Dr. Susan Rogers

Daniela Ligiero, PhD

Executive Director & CEO at Together for Girls

Ending sexual violence against children | Policy & psychology with Dr. Daniela Ligiero

Val DiFebo

CEO of Deutsch NY

From psych major to CEO | with Deutsch NY's Val DiFebo

Marty Maidenberg, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Pathways Psychological Services

Check your ego at the door | with therapist Marty Maidenberg, LMHC

Elizabeth Wierba, Ph.D

Licensed clinical psychologist & lecturer at the University of Michigan

Getting unstuck | Organizational psych to therapy with Dr. Elizabeth Wierba

Mark Blumberg, PhD

Psychology Department Head at the University of Iowa

Let your interests guide you | A fulfilling academic career with Dr. Mark Blumberg

Shelby Cooley, Ph.D

Senior Research Scientist, Seattle Public Schools

Psych research for educational equity | with Dr. Shelby Cooley

Mitch Prinstein, PhD

Chief Science Officer of the American Psychological Association

Elevating psychological science & uncensored advice | with Dr. Mitch Prinstein

Karen Cogan, PhD

Senior sport psychologist at the US Olympic and Paralympic Committee

The power of persistence | Sport psychology with Dr. Karen Cogan

Jackie Audi, PMHNP

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Adaptability, curiosity, & patient-centered care | Psychiatric nursing with Jackie Audi

Melinda Macht-Greenberg, PhD

Clinical, School, and Developmental Psychologist

Re-imagining schools | with Dr. Melinda Macht-Greenberg
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