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A Career in
Behavioral Science with
Aline Holzwarth, MBA

Join a LIVE Psych Mic podcast recording with Aline Holzwarth!

Tuesday, May 10th

11am EST / 10am CST / 8am PST

Learn about Aline's career from psychology major to applied behavioral scientist and get advice about succeeding in this field! You will be able to send in your own questions both before and during the event.


Applied Behavioral Scientist


Head of Behavioral Science at Pattern Health

Principal at the Center for Advanced Hindsight

What is Applied Behavioral Science?

Simply put, it is researching how people behave and make decisions, and applying that research to the real world. You can apply behavioral science to any settings where an understanding of human decision-making is relevant (so yes, everywhere...).

Aline is focused on applying insights from behavioral science to building digital health products (e.g., Pattern Health). 

About Aline

"I am an applied behavioral scientist specializing in digital health research and scientifically informed product design. My training in psychology and business, and my experience in research and healthcare, have given me the kind of interdisciplinary lens that helps me appreciate the complexity of decision-making in the real world, particularly when it comes to the thorny domain of health. I am passionate about sharing behavioral insights with anyone who'll listen."


Some questions we'll cover

  • Why didn't Aline want to get a PhD?

  • How did Aline discover behavioral science and get a job post-undergrad at one of the leading behavioral science research centers?

  • How does Aline use research about decision-making to inform digital health behavior?

  • Why did Aline get an MBA?

  • What does Aline love about applied behavioral science?

  • What advice does Aline have for early career people interested in this field?

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